How Endpoint Security Can Impact Your Brand and Credibility

Endpoint Security is the way to ensure that endpoint devices are securely connected to the network.

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How Endpoint Security Can Impact Your Brand and Credibility

For a business’ IT team, Endpoint Security is the way to ensure that endpoint devices are securely connected to the network. These devices include computers, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and others. Knowing the risks that come with allowing these devices to access the network, most companies put up extreme and hardline approaches to Endpoint Security. This practice, according to Bit Sight, has greatly increased in the past years with the advent of BYOD or bring-your-own-device policies.

In this technology-driven world, companies build their names not only as reliable partners to supply whatever their clients need, but also as protectors of their data and information as well. Brand credibility plays a vital role in keeping clients.

Brand credibility is traditionally built by establishing a good relationship with clients. Forbes shared different ways by which businesses can assure their clients that they are working with reliable people: produce quality products and services, include customer testimonials, and work with industry-leading advisors and partners.

Of the three, one could consider working with industry-leading advisors and partners as most important in the age of data breaches. To protect customer data, enterprises need to focus and realize possible ways for cyber criminals to gain access. Working with reliable partners like Cisco is a sound advice to take and an important decision to make. Cisco endpoint solutions protect endpoints and stop breaches by securely connecting devices, stopping malware from attacking, and quickly investigating incidents.

A very disturbing case that could have been prevented if a reliable Endpoint Security system was in place was the June 27, 2018 attack on Florida-based firm Exactis. Because the company left its database open to the public, it exposed nearly 340 million individual records and affected at least 230 million US consumers and 110 businesses according to an article by Thycotic. The number is this large because Exactis compiles and aggregates business and consumer data that they collected from people who browse websites using cookies.

Data that was exposed ranged from phone numbers, home and email addresses, number, age, gender of children, interests, and even very personal information like personal habits, religions, and even pet ownership. As a result, the company faced a first-class action lawsuit. However, this is not the biggest blow to the company as it can be safely assumed that the relationships they have established with everyone affected had been damaged.

Experts said that the best thing for an organization like Exactis could have done was to ensure that all sensitive data was secured by authorizing only certain users and preventing public viewing and access.

Businesses can learn from the tragedy that hit Exactis and every other company that was hit by security breaches. Endpoint security  is like a fort that makes penetrating data difficult for criminals, securing the organization.

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