Cisco: Digital Vanguards for Endpoint Security

Cisco’s line of securely connects devices to the cloud server, prevents malware, and even investigates incidents inside a company.

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At this day and age, the security of our digital assets and other cloud-based data is almost as important as the security we should provide ourselves.  Some of the biggest data breaches were caused by a company’s lack of cloud security and they’ve lost thousands of dollars because of their fatal error that hackers and malware are very willing to take advantage of.

Cloud security issues are not limited to small companies with very limited means to provide their cloud systems with the proper precautionary measures. In fact, some of the most controversial cloud security breaches are tied to big names including Apple.

Back in 2015, Apple’s iCloud storage was attacked by hackers who leaked countless private photos of more than 500 celebrities, says Forbes. The number of victims continue to grow as just last year, more celebrities were added to the growing list of leaks. Somehow, Apple is still yet to fully fortify its cloud storage but that doesn’t mean that things are hopeless for the tech giant.

That’s where companies like Cisco and its endpoint security step in.

Cisco:  Endpoint Security At Its Finest

Founded in 1984, Cisco now stands as one of the more prominent global institutions in IT, networking, and security. The company offers a ton of products for various sectors and industries but its foray into cloud security outshines anything else that the company has offered so far.

Cisco’s line of  securely connects devices to the cloud server, prevents malware, and even investigates incidents inside a company. As the leader in endpoint security, the products of Cisco are simple and intuitive, secure, effective, and most importantly, proven and tested.

One of the latest releases from Cisco’s product line is the new endpoint security solution for Managed Security Service Providers or MSSP. A press release by Cisco details just what makes the new product a must for MSSPs.

A solution worth looking into is the Cisco Umbrella. What it does is it blocks requests from malicious or unknown destinations, before a connection is established.  To be more precise, Cisco Umbrella provides top secure internet access for devices of the clients connected to the MSSP. It removes all worries of potential attacks coming from unwanted visitors from the internet.

Cisco has an extensive line of endpoint security products since it entered the sector back in 2016.  Solutions Review says that the company entered the market with an amazing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Perhaps the most interesting feature from Cisco’s first foray into the market is its next generation preventive measures.

As compared to other cloud security solutions, the AMP from Cisco is capable of handling the most vicious malware attacks and it even considers the emerging malware that is yet to make a massive impact on the internet.

Don’t let Cisco do all the talking for its product offering though. Cisco AMP for Endpoints got an overall rating of 4 out of 5 from Gartner. As one reviewer notes it, “very in depth product. more information given in reports than I really can go through in a given day. Re;atively easy deployment and relatively cost manageable.”

There are a ton of reasons to trust Cisco with cloud security. As a leader in IT and networking, the company has experienced all there is to experience when it comes to cloud computing. It uses this experience to come up with the best endpoint security for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

What makes Cisco truly stand out is the fact that it doesn’t only consider the protection its clients need now, it also considers the potential threats that could come tomorrow, the next day, and the years after.

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